Android Q is Android 10, A pop of color and more: updates to Android’s brand

Over the past decade, Android’s open platform has developed a prosperous community of producers and developers with their devices and applications that reach a worldwide public. More than two billion active devices in the globe have now extended to include tablets, vehicles, watches, TVs and much more. As our community continues to construct Android 10 for everyone, our brand should be as integrated and available as possible and we believe we can do better in a number of respects.

Android Q is Android 10

Android Q is Android 10

Android Q’s release name is lastly disclosed in Google, but it’s not Quiche, Quinoa, or Quesadilla. Actually, the tech giant has chosen to simply call it Android 10, it’s not named after any dessert which begins with the letter Q. The firm said in a blog article that it changed the way it names its releases in order to make them more accessible. “Over the years, we have received feedback that not everyone in the worldwide society has always understood the names,” the firm wrote in its statement.

For example, since it is not always easy to distinguishable that Android Lollipop appeared after KitKat when it is spoken in some languages. In certain areas of the globe, the names of certain prior Android versions are also not known till date. In other words, while the name is enjoyable, it’s not always user-friendly. The fresh system sounds much less strange and tasty, but it will probably do the job of Google as it stands, it will produce more nice and intuitive names. We believe it was time to create this shift at versions 10 and 2.5 bn of active systems,” reads the blog article.

Google has also modified the logo for the portable platform in relation to altering the name for Android versions. It changed the text from green to black to facilitate readability, switchable fonts, and the Android robot’s close-up, now colored in a green shade.

An Updated Look At The Brand

Over time, the brand Android has developed. We updated our logo and brand color back in 2014, and this year we introduce a contemporary, affordable look. The logo’s design is inspired by the most recognizable non-human member of the society, the Android robot. The robot is the symbol of the fun and curiosity in the core of Android and belongs to everybody in society. Now, in our logo, it has a unique position.

We altered the logo to black from green. It’s a little shift, but we discovered the green was difficult to read, particularly for visually impaired individuals. The logo is often coupled with colors, which make it difficult to see, so a fresh range of color combinations has been created that enhance contrast.

Android 10-Logo Of New Appearance, A refreshed look for the brand

Android is also watching a logo update, he explained, “Over time, the Android brand has developed. Back in 2014, we updated our logo and brand color, and this year, we’re introducing a more modern, accessible look.” Samrat added that they will officially start using the updated logo in the coming weeks with the final release of Android 10. In a video released by Android titled ‘The next evolution of Android’, users were given a glimpse of what the new face of the android brand is while retaining the classic Green Google Android BOT.

Android Q is now in its 6th beta release before its scheduled release in October 2019, which is generally the last beta release. Over the last few years Android Version 1.5-Cup Cake and their Dessert-based names. Version 1.6 Android-Donut. Android 2.0/2.1-Lightning version. Android 2.2-Cheap. Version 2.3 of Android-Gingerbread. Android Version 3-Honeycomb (First Tablet OS) for Android. The Android I-Ice Cream Sandwich is 4.0-Android. Android 4.1-Android J-Jellybean version. Android 5-Android L-Lollipop version. Android Version 6-Android M-Android Version 7-Android N-Android Version 8-Android O-Oreo Android Version 9-Android P Version 9-Android P-Step Android.

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Written by Agada David Odo


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