Google Go Now Available Worldwide and now works on your regular Android phone

Google Go is no longer exclusive to emerging markets. Right now, anyone around the world can download the stripped-down version of the popular Android web browser from the Google Play Store

There are a lot of pretty nifty apps designed for Android Go, Google’s version of Android designed to work best on entry-level devices. Google Go is one of those apps which brings the power of Google in a very, very tiny app package (just over 7MB!).

Google Go Now Available Worldwide

Previously, you could only use Google Go on an Android Go device or in specific countries, but now everyone can enjoy the “lite” version of the main Google app. Just click here to visit the app’s page on the Google Play Store or click the button at the bottom of this article.

The Google Go app might be small in size, but it’s pretty powerful in what it can do. It contains many of the features and tools present in the “normal” Google app, including Search, Lens, Translate, and more. However, Google has simplified each feature to such an extent that everything is faster and requires less wireless data to function.

In fact, Google Go is so efficient that it can work even if you have a very weak data connection. It also works if your phone has very little internal storage left or a weak processor, making it perfect for people still holding on to older devices.

However, you’ll still need to be running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later, so those of you with really old phones will need to stick to the main Google app.

Click below to download the app.


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Written by Agada David Odo


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