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How to Check if Your iOS Device is Original

Getting an iPhone is a very beautiful thing, be it New, London Used, or Second-Hand iPhone it all depends on your pocket, in this post, you will learn how to check if your iOS Device is Original.

As a result of iPhone’s coming with a high price tag in the Apple store, some people may choose to purchase second-hand iDevice.

But there’s always the risk that the seller stole or assembled the phone and it’s now looking for a way to give it out, and the buyer not knowing what he or she is purchasing.

The new buyer might be a novice or someone new to using iPhone and may not know what and what to check before purchasing the phone. some of the devices may have had defects such as Touch ID not working, the device might be Sim locked, the Battery capacity or Life Span of the Battery, and other different problems attached with the device.

A new feature in 3uTools can tell you whether your device is stolen or assembled with a verification report. 3uTool is a very powerful application with lots of functionalities and the Developer Team has put in well worth time and large effort to make this particular feature of verification work.

How to Check if Your iDevice is Original

If you ever decide to buy an iOS device from another resource, you can install 3uTools from and learn how to check if Your iOS Device is Original.

How to View verification report on 3uTools.

After downloading and installing the latest version of 3uTools, connect your iDevice to 3uTools. On the iDevice Info tab, you can click “View Verification Report”.

How to Check if Your iDevice is Original

How does 3uTools iDevice Verification work?

3uTools can verify the following software and hardware information, device model and color, hard disk capacity, sales model & area, Wi-Fi Address, Bluetooth address, cellular address, serial number, main serial number, battery serial number, camera, and screen serial number.

How to Check if Your iDevice is Original

3uTools can also verify which hardware part of the device is changed and the parts that are damaged, YES 3uTools can do all that.

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