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Recover Restriction Passcode without Restoring Your iPhone

Passcode on iPhone is a very good thing because it helps us to secure our phones from unauthorized persons or actions. sometimes we find it very hard remembering some of the Passcodes we set on our iPhones because we don’t tend to use those features all the time. In this post, you will learn how to recover your restriction passcode without restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Setting a Restriction Passcode on your iPhone is very good because it enables you to block various items on your iPhone. It is mainly used to keep kids away from inappropriate content that they may have access to on your iPhone and it can also be used to block unauthorized persons from accessing the content you’ll like to keep private on your iPhone.

When you set a restriction passcode, unauthorized users cannot access or change your restriction passcode since you are the only one that knows the code. The restriction passcode is always a four-digit passcode and can easily be forgotten if not frequently used.

Since the Restriction Passcode is quite different from your normal lock screen Passcode, many persons tend to forget over time and if entered incorrectly for a particular number of times, you will be asked to restore your iPhone to default settings which many persons will not want as an option.

Many persons have forgotten their iCloud account which the iPhone will go into activation lock when it is restored to default. Some persons may not have access to their backup or may not have even backed up their iPhone which will make them lose all their data when the iPhone is restored to default.

Finally, there’s a way you can recover the Restriction Passcode that will save you the stress of activation lock and losing your files using 3utools on your computer.

Recover Restriction Passcode without Restoring your Iphone

This method works across iOS 7-11, it is not supported on 12. You can download the latest version of 3utools from on your PC and do a full backup of your ios device.

Recover Restriction Passcode without Restoring your Iphone

Navigate to Toolbox, select automatic under Restriction, select files and select your recent backup.

Recover Restriction Passcode without Restoring your Iphone

After importing your backup, click “start to crack the Passcode” then wait for the Restriction Passcode to be solved.

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Written by Agada David Odo


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